Bare Excellence with a team of talented consultants will formulate new establishments through creative ideas

for a competitive final product. The creation of a Bare Excellence concept is driven by our clients’ vision, modern trends, local market demands and value for investment.

The concept would broadly include:

Architectural design and structure – identification of the most suitable product to develop on the identified site.

Projected Plans – revenue & cost budgets, sales & marketing strategy, staffing requirements & cost, capital investment recurrent requirements.

Operating equipment – kitchen fit out, furniture & fittings, lighting & entertainment solutions and communication systems.

Management Overview – standard operating procedures, food & beverage product, room product, support activities (conferencing, children games, groundhire options – weddings, private parties etc), establishments information system (point of sale systems, accounting &procurement systems), maintenance contracts and security systems.

Competitor analysis - Analyze existing competitive facilities and research any future changes (to the extent this information is available) to ascertain market share for the proposed establishment.