Bare Excellence works with existing establishments whose direction is not achieving its set out goals. Working with the establishments owners through their Board of Directors and Management Team, our team of professionals would set up various steps to ensure in certain timelines optimal performance of the establishment are achieved.

Measures would include but are not limited to profit enhancement through process and prudent cost management, service delivery excellence, high staff motivation and unrivalled guest experience.

Broad Methodology:

Immediate Service Quality Improvement

Improve the level of service in both properties to meet and exceed their clients’ expectations. This will include a holistic review of service delivery for the establishment and affirm the market perception.

Product Quality Improvement

Rooms Division - A critical look at specifically housekeeping operations and standards. Ensuring that the establishments product is maintained and kept pristine always. The look and feel of all public areas shall be key in setting the right ambience and cannot be compromised.

Food & Beverage - In hospitality business, there is a common phrase that states “Great food always over-shadows average service”. Great food (not great service!) makes people detour from their schedules to enjoy a meal. Great food makes first-time customers repeat clients. A reputation for great meals far outweighs a reputation for great prices/service.

In this regard, Bare Excellence will undertake to improve the quality and presentation of food in the outlet(s) to give clients “real value for money” and add the WOW!! factor.

Revenue generation 

With improved service and food quality, opportunities to increase revenue are bound to arise.  Bare Excellence will focus on ways of increasing revenue in the room product, the F&B outlets, attracting more Conference/Banqueting business, any revenue generating center and increasing the average spend per customer. Some areas of focus will include; a review of the costing and selling of accommodation and conference/function packages, introduction of value-addition activities targeting groups as need be and training staff on up-selling techniques.

Procedure Development & Implementation

These are carefully crafted manuals that form the base of daily operations. Commonly referred to as Standard Operating Procedures, the manuals will define the establishment’s service essentials and managerial standards.