Mystery Auditing


Bare Excellence offers mystery audit services carried out by trained mystery auditors who will interact with our clients staff during everyday customer service situations. Their reports give our clients unbiased and accurate feedback, giving an insight to see both what their establishments are doing well, and where additional training or investment is required.

Each of our mystery audits are customised to ensure that their unique requirements are met so as to give the objective analysis required for successful results.

We conduct three types of audits as detailed;

Customer Service Audit

This will audit your establishments customer service delivery, we will send our trained mystery auditors as ‘undercover’ customers to analyse your services, products, controls and facilities (from an average customers perspective) and from the reports generated, we will be able to assist you to know where you stand in your customers eyes and identify areas for improvement.

Internal Audit

This will audit your establishments internal processes, we will send our trained mystery auditors as an ‘undercover’ employee to analyse your teams way of working, underlying feelings, general treatment and procedure adherence over a period of time. In this way the heart of the establishment gets to be heard, this will assist you know where you need to train, recruit or reward with no bias.

Benchmark Audit 

This will audit your establishments competitors, we will send trained auditors as ‘undercover’ customers to analyse how you compare to your competitors services, products controls and facilities (from an average customers perspective). The benchmark audit allows you to hear an unbiased opinion of what your competition is doing and enables you to use this information to benchmark your establishment against competitiors.

Change Management

Bare Excellence works with existing establishments whose direction is not achieving its set out goals. Working with the establishments owners through their Board of Directors and Management Team, our team of professionals would set up various steps to ensure in certain timelines optimal performance of the establishment are achieved.

Measures would include but are not limited to profit enhancement through process and prudent cost management, service delivery excellence, high staff motivation and unrivalled guest experience.

Broad Methodology:

Immediate Service Quality Improvement

Improve the level of service in both properties to meet and exceed their clients’ expectations. This will include a holistic review of service delivery for the establishment and affirm the market perception.

Product Quality Improvement

Rooms Division - A critical look at specifically housekeeping operations and standards. Ensuring that the establishments product is maintained and kept pristine always. The look and feel of all public areas shall be key in setting the right ambience and cannot be compromised.

Food & Beverage - In hospitality business, there is a common phrase that states “Great food always over-shadows average service”. Great food (not great service!) makes people detour from their schedules to enjoy a meal. Great food makes first-time customers repeat clients. A reputation for great meals far outweighs a reputation for great prices/service.

In this regard, Bare Excellence will undertake to improve the quality and presentation of food in the outlet(s) to give clients “real value for money” and add the WOW!! factor.

Revenue generation 

With improved service and food quality, opportunities to increase revenue are bound to arise.  Bare Excellence will focus on ways of increasing revenue in the room product, the F&B outlets, attracting more Conference/Banqueting business, any revenue generating center and increasing the average spend per customer. Some areas of focus will include; a review of the costing and selling of accommodation and conference/function packages, introduction of value-addition activities targeting groups as need be and training staff on up-selling techniques.

Procedure Development & Implementation

These are carefully crafted manuals that form the base of daily operations. Commonly referred to as Standard Operating Procedures, the manuals will define the establishment’s service essentials and managerial standards.

Human Resource Management

Bare Excellence will embark on an assessment and rectification of an establishments human resource management systems in compliance to best practices, established regulations & rules in the following key areas:

  1. Strategic Structure & Policies
  2. Resources - Staffing & Systems
  3. Training & Employee Development
  4. Employment Contracts
  5. Labour Cases
  6. Gap Analysis

Strategic Structure & Policies

HR Structure – Organisation of an establishment to ensure that HR has a control order to achieve the establishments goals (usually this organisation is mirrored under a strategic plan). This will include forecasting HR requirements before the need arises as well as succession planning and a workforce planning strategy.

Policies – Documentation and practice of laid HR policies including policy on recruitment, termination, reward and disciplinary process. This would also include implementation of a workforce safety policy (following The Kenya Occupational Safety and Health Act)

Resources - Staffing & Systems

Succession planning and talent management – Succession planning is not an issue that many organizations address in any systematic way. Mainly because they may be facing other organizational challenges, thinking about who the next manager might be or what would happen if the head of HR suddenly left is not high on their priority list.

Bare Excellence prides itself in identifying and assessing outstanding hospitality professionals and recruiting them into roles anywhere in the region. We understand that hospitality superstars may be satisfied with their current employer s and will only move for a great opportunity. Finding this prized candidate is not easy, but its what we do well.

Systems – ensuring that an employee handbook is created and implemented. An employee handbook is vital as it brings uniformity across the company by explaining everyone's expectations and mentioning the consequences of violating these rules. By explaining workplace ethics and expected behaviour with colleagues and the management, an employee handbook minimizes workplace disputes. This will address all staff concerns over work hours, holidays, leave, disciplinary action etc.

Training & Employee Development

Training is an important component of a successful HR management systems. Without assessing the training needs of a workforce, management would not be able to ensure that the staff are provided with the necessary tools for optimal performance.

The Bare Excellence training section was formed in response to skills shortages, and our aim is to develop and train personnel in the industry, raising our clients team performance and confidence. Courses and learning programmes are available to all levels of operational staff, and managers, with emphasis on quality and efficiency.

Employment Contracts

The purpose of an employment contract is to ensure that both you and your employees have a clear understanding of what is expected during the term of employment. A contract of employment also protects the employer as it regulates the behaviour of the employee in the workplace. This is vitally important because all company policies, as well as an employer's disciplinary code, should form part of the contract of employment.

Bare Excellence takes time to identify our client's needs and the organisational structure before drafting the contracts.  Our contracts are drafted to fit in with the organisation’s demands and we work hand in hand with our clients, to ensure every vital information that may harm the organisation in the near future is well documented.

Labour Cases

Sometimes as an organisation, you might find yourself on the wrong side of the law from a dispute with an employee. This maybe due to a termination they deem unfair, sexual harassment and/or even low pay of wages etc

Whatever the dispute, Bare Excellence takes pride in representing our clients on such matters as we understand the impact that it may have on your business/ organisation. We ensure that we give you the right guidelines to follow and help ease the load off you.

Gap Analysis

Gap analysis includes identifying the number of staff and the skills and abilities required in the future in comparison to the current situation. We would look at all of the establishments HR management practices to identify practices that could be improved or new practices needed to support the establishments capacity to move forward.